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One day a few years back I had 90% of my websites hosted at a single host. One day, their IP address provider simply revoked all of their IP addresses. They didn’t have enough money to lay out on another chunk of IP addresses from another provider and they basically disappeared from the Internet without a word to customers.

I had been in the process of moving my sites to GVO and had moved my 10 most popular sites already, but the others were vaporized… and I had no backups of those.

So backups are important. You never know when a hosting provider will dump you or a fire will take out your host’s data center. It is always better to be prepared. My friend Lisa just created a backup solution to help you get backups of all of your WordPress sites. Check it out:


Your sites are your lifeblood. And when something happens to one of them, you want to make sure you can get it back – the whole site including themes, plugins, site settings, widgets, not just the database – in minutes. With Replikator Pro, it’s easy.


Check out the demo vid on the page, and you’ll agree that not only is this the easiest solution, but it’s also the most robust AND the least inexpensive! (Check out that comparison chart!)


Do yourself a favor and make this all-too-important investment in the safety and recovery of your sites.

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