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HydraVid Video Distribution Software

*Syndicate Videos to UNLIMITED Social Media and Web 2.0 Properties

And Pick Up Multiple Page One Rankings In the Process!

“Insanely Clever App Optimizes, Syndicates, Posts And Even Creates Social Backlinks. All At The Push Of A Button.”

The Short Version of WHAT DOES IT DO?

Video Marketing to BLOW you away. One video uploaded to YouTube is good. But… What about maxing it out?

Optimizing videos for every keyword?? Uploading across multiple channels!

AND – Not just YouTube.

DailyMotion, Vimeo, HitMission, MetaCafe, and MORE

PLUS Instant Backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest

What Is Hydravid Packing In It’s Arsenal That’s Going To Turbocharge My Traffic and Results?

  • Multi-Account Functionality for MASS COVERAGE!
  • With Better Results for A LOT Less Work -You Just Can’t Afford Not To Be Using HydraVid

There is no question, video marketing gets powerful results.

Results like this:

TOP RANKINGS & TRAFFIC: One single video of yours uploaded to multiple sites has the power to easily land you on page 1 of search results and drive thousands of visitors to your sites.

FREE TRAFFIC & IRRESISTIBLE SHAREABILTY: Videos are more likely to be shared than any other online media, in fact 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Invodo) Giving you a HUGE boost in free viral traffic.

TOP CONVERSIONS & PROFITS: Studies have proven that using video can increase your conversion rates by 64%! Meaning MORE SALES for you AND most importantly, MORE MONEY in your pocket!

  • Post To All = At the Same Time it Normally Takes You to Post to One! = Massive Time Saving!
  • Multi-Account Functionality = More Coverage and Tons More Traffic
  • Integrated Spinner = Multiple Versions with NO Extra Effort
  • Unique Video Creator = NO duplicate uploads – EVER
  • Automatic Social Backlink Creator = Top Rankings

We all know that time is precious.
And we all know that time = money.
So it should be spent wisely.

You Can’t Afford Not To Be Using HydraVid…Because You Need Better Results in Less Time. Right?

You have the unique opportunity to bag yourself a superior video marketing time-slasher for just a one-time low investment. If you miss out, you WILL have to pay $19.95 per month once this 5 day launch period is over.

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – Online Video Workshop

PS – You already know that video submissions is a great way to get traffic for your own websites and affiliate links… but did you know that this software allows you to market a service that can pay you a hell of a lot more than affiliate commissions? You can actually start a video marketing service where you can sell video submissions and more! (wait until you see the monthly social submission service and the “done for you video marketing service” upsells once you buy this software) I am not going to try and convince you to buy this software…

You either see it or you don’t. If you see it, here is the link:


* the syndication is part of a monthly upsell.

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