Linking Just Got Better

imageI just tried out a new linking plugin for WordPress. This plugin looks like it is going to replace my link dynamite software that I have been using, as well as the GoPages Pro linking plugin that I used before that. It is called Better Links! And boy oh boy, is it ever better!

Why do I like it better?

  1. I can use the same domain as my blog. This keeps continuity in my marketing.
  2. It is versatile – like GoPages Pro, it allows me to choose whether I need a simple redirect or a cloak. JVZoo, amazon and Warrior Plus do not like cloaked links.
  3. Multiple URLs in one link! Imagine being able to team up with your JV partners and pay for FB ads or Solo ads collectively – but only promote one link that contains the affiliate URL for each of the partners. The clicks will get split evenly among the partners, to give each one a chance to make sales!
  4. Geographical link splitting. Your UK readers get sent to a different URL than the readers in the US from the same link!
  5. It works inside your blog to link keywords to your new link. You tell the linker which keywords you want and the plugin does the rest, linking your keywords within your blog posts.
  6. Analytics – this plugin tracks your clicks and if you connect to Google Analytics, you can see which pages/posts got you the most clicks!

That is just what I got after using it for 15 minutes. Take a good look at this tool, because you can’t miss with this product. (I am talking about features from Better Links Pro… so you may find that the Standard Better Links won’t have some of them).

Try it out yourself!