New Video Templates And MemberSonic Revealed

Reprinted with permission from Blogging With Micheal Podcast – WordPress Membership Sites And Instant Video Templates 2–June 24 2014

Membership Sites can make you money! Creating Videos can make you money. This article from the Blogging With Micheal Podcast will help you with both.

Today we are discussing Instant Video Templates V2 which are a whole new batch of animated video templates that will work with PowerPoint, Easy Sketch Pro and Video Maker FX. Here is the link for Instant Video Templates V2 below:

We will also talk about MemberSonic Membership Site Plugin:

Hand drawn videos are some of the coolest things.

Problem is, we don’t have nearly enough hand drawn graphics for those videos. Until now, that is.

Joel Comm has created a Hand Drawn Megapack!

Check it out!

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – I used Video Maker FX to create the video and I used one of the backgrounds from Instant Video Templates V2 in the video (the conference room).

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