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imageI just tried out a new linking plugin for WordPress. This plugin looks like it is going to replace my link dynamite software that I have been using, as well as the GoPages Pro linking plugin that I used before that. It is called Better Links! And boy oh boy, is it ever better!

Why do I like it better?

  1. I can use the same domain as my blog. This keeps continuity in my marketing.
  2. It is versatile – like GoPages Pro, it allows me to choose whether I need a simple redirect or a cloak. JVZoo, amazon and Warrior Plus do not like cloaked links.
  3. Multiple URLs in one link! Imagine being able to team up with your JV partners and pay for FB ads or Solo ads collectively – but only promote one link that contains the affiliate URL for each of the partners. The clicks will get split evenly among the partners, to give each one a chance to make sales!
  4. Geographical link splitting. Your UK readers get sent to a different URL than the readers in the US from the same link!
  5. It works inside your blog to link keywords to your new link. You tell the linker which keywords you want and the plugin does the rest, linking your keywords within your blog posts.
  6. Analytics – this plugin tracks your clicks and if you connect to Google Analytics, you can see which pages/posts got you the most clicks!

That is just what I got after using it for 15 minutes. Take a good look at this tool, because you can’t miss with this product. (I am talking about features from Better Links Pro… so you may find that the Standard Better Links won’t have some of them).

Try it out yourself!

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Will Traffic Geyser 2.0 Work For Your Business?

Reprinted from Social Network Effect –  Open Up Your Calendar For Saturday!

I am offering a bonus for Traffic Geyser 2.0 if you purchase through my link. This is not a cheap product. It is a seriously powerful business tool that could transform your business as long as you use it effectively. This means that the price tag is going to be big.

When a product is expensive, you want to get as much information as you possibly can. That is why Mike Koenigs holds all day webcasts with live guests who actually answer questions while you watch.

Tomorrow, Mike Koenigs closes the doors on the CRAZY successful Traffic Geyser 2.0 launch.

And he’s hosting an ALL Day Webcast that will be….

– One part content

– One part teaching

– One part demonstrating the tools and strategies

– And ten parts FUN!

Seriously, Mike’s webcasts are known industry wide for being the most content-rich, most fun events on the planet. Plus, you’ll get the chance to enter for PRIZES like an Apple TV, a ChromeCast, Amazon gift cards and more!

And because you’ve been following us this week, you’re invited to join Mike all day as he close out this week with a bang!

Can you make it?

Attend our Live training webcast!

Date: This Saturday, April 26th

Start Time: Noon PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 7pm GMT

Here is where you can register. (It’s free)

On the webcast…

Chalene Johnson - fitness guruYou’ll meet fitness expert New York Times Bestselling Author, and marketing whiz Chalene Johnson. Chalene is the #1 female in direct response marketing, having sold over 10 million DVDs! She’ll be with us LIVE to share her tips, strategies, and stories. (Do NOT miss this!)


John Assaraf - NYT #1 Best Selling Author– New York Times #1 Best Selling author John Assaraf will share his insider tips for becoming the recognized authority in any niche.





Fighter Pilot and marketing guru Ed Rush— You’ll hear how fighter pilot Ed Rush got his podcast to the top #25 on iTunes…and how he built a following from zero, nothing, nada, to 27,300 fans and subscribers in less than 2 months….in a market he knew nothing about (fishing!).


Reserve your spot now for Saturday’s webcast.

fireman-mike-lemoine— You’ll hear from Fireman Mike LeMoine and learn how he built a successful 7-figure consulting business using the tools inside of Traffic Geyser.


— You’ll also get to meet some more all-stars and heroes like Dr. Lori Barr who used Traffic Geyser 2.0 to launch a #1 best seller in a day or Dan Butler who launched his “Love Works” podcast using the tools. They are real people who are making a difference in the world by sharing their awesome message, story, products, experience, and expertise.

— PLUS, Mike will show you how to press a button and promote your products and services onto every screen, computer, tablet, television, pocket and even in the cars of every person, prospect or business in the world – almost 7 billion people!

Here is where you can join us now.

This is – YOU EVERYWHERE NOW. It’s the biggest new idea in marketing.

Plus, because they’re LIVE and unscripted, these webcasts are always a LOT of fun!

I’d love to have you join. Get your questions answered LIVE! Mike will be sharing strategies, stories and proven systems all afternoon long, so be sure to come join the fun.

Reserve your spot now for Saturday’s webcast.

We’ll see you then!


Micheal – Social Network Effect

PS – Mike closes the doors on this wildly successful new product tomorrow at Midnight, so don’t miss out!

PPS – There is no plan to publish a replay, so be sure to make it for the live event!

Register here.

PPSS – My bonus is 2 1-on-1 strategy/motivation/followup sessions per month for as long as you remain a member of Traffic Geyser 2.0! To claim, you just need to purchase using my link:

Then, you paste your receipt information into a ticket on my help desk.

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Create Stunning Animated Images With ImageCam

If you have always wanted to create shareable animated GIFs that you can use for viral social media posts, then you need to take a look at this offering from Terry Johnson!

Reprinted with permission from Technology WizardsCreate Animated Images With ImageCam

Created animated graphics with ImageCam

If you need animated GIF images but can’t afford the expensive software to create them, then you are in luck! ImageCam can help you create animated graphics right from your desktop for less than one month’s rental of PhotoShop CS6…

Watch the demo video on the following page:

To your success,

Micheal –

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