How To Build An Income From 50 Cents

Two quarters does not get you a whole lot these days. At the store, you can put them into vending machines and get bubble gum, a handful of Skittles or a plastic bubble with a sticker in it. You need four quarters (or more) to do your laundry or wash your car. It sure seems like 50 cents is becoming the new nickel. But I discovered a secret to building an online business using 50 cents and the desire to help others.

Disclaimer: I did spend more than 50 cents, but the cost of the program I am writing about is only 50 cents per month. Your results may be different from mine, as I didn’t spend as much effort as most people do in building this income stream.

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Before I give you the link to check out this program, I want to explain this to you. The concept is simple: you help 3 people find 3 people who help 3 people… you have heard the story before, right? But this business has a twist. Once you get your first 3, if you continue to sign up people, they  start filling in the spots in your downlines’ front line, moving them into your next level matrix.

Matrix – a method of building an income business where people must completely fill one level before moving to the next level. This matrix is crazy, because you start earning as soon as you fill your first level (3 wide). Each new person you help get 3 wide pays you $1. But this matrix does not stop there, because once 9 people are in that 2nd level, you get paid $4.50 for each person you help get 9 in their second level.

This matrix has 4 levels and you get paid exponentially higher amounts with each completed level. This means you can be paid over $8000 on the 4th level! Not a bad months work, right? And this is repeatable every month!

This online income stream has some additional twists that make it a killer business. You can actually pay it forward (PIF) for people who aren’t able to. Now this sounds kinda weird, right? But you don’t want to go crazy and pay everyone you bring into this forward, because you will spend $500 to make $100. You have to strategically PIF the ones that will hep you complete a level, since those will pay you the most back. Say you need one more under Bob to finish your second level, that 50 cents will get you a dollar return, so it is worthwhile. But spending $1.50 to get $1.00 back is not as good.

The trick is to establish communication with your team. as soon as you get someone started, let them know that you will help them with the 3rd person if they put the first 2 in. And then get them to do the same thing for their group, since after that next level is complete, you really do not see their downline, so it is importnt to communicate regularly with your team to see where the most effective use of your PIF will be.

I have more to write about this, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info at one time. So if you are looking for an organized way to build an $8k a month income stream, you can join my team. I only want committed members now, as I am already into Level 4 and will not have time to PIF my own front line until they are into level 2. I will help you with ways to make this happen, but I am reserving my PIF funds for people who will complete a level 3 for one of my team. The trick is to keep in touch with me as we grow this. So if you are ready to commit $10 to building this, here is the link to get signed up:

After you are signed up, send me an email (you will see my email address in the members area) and I will fill you in on how my team is also killing it in two other businesses (one is another secondary business like this one and the other is a more primary business that will help you take the leads you get from the other two and make significant income).

To your success,



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