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Reprinted with permission from Author Development IncubatorEarning Royalties Without Doing The Work


Once upon a time, people who earned royalties
were treated like… well, royalty. Today, people
who earn royalties are finding that it is still
something that sets them apart!

Our technology has made it possible to earn
more! Something has come across my desk that
I had to share with you.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for us to make
a single investment and collect royalties
automatically. Because of my good friend Ben
Shaffer, I am able to offer you a chance to get
your share of the royalties that Ben is setting up.

I was shocked when Ben explained the concept
to me a few weeks back. I knew it looked good,
but the surprise came when he told me how he
was going to allow a select group of investors
to participate.

Ben is a well known online expert who has
broken barriers with his innovations! His
latest innovation is going to allow a group
of investors like you and me to team up
and start earning royalties together in a crowd
funded new startup. This is an amazingly
brilliant idea, and I immediately thought of
letting you in on it as soon as I saw the potential!

Ben reveals all the details here: 

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS – Because Ben has to work with investors
on a personal level, he is only allowing a
limited number of people into this IM

He is closing the doors on Tuesday, July 15th.

So if you are tired of running the rat race
without seeing any results and would love
to have someone do all the work and just
pay you the royalties…

Then you need to watch the video here:

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Attention Resellers: Hot new PLR up for grabs!

This is only going to be online for 6 days, so if you’re
in a hurry please go check this out now:

I’ve seen a lot of PLR (Private Label Rights) for sale,
but this is really unique.

My friend actually had these ebooks and articles
ghostwritten, and you’ll be amazed when you see
what he’s doing with them.

This guy makes big bucks as an information
marketer, which made me all the more surprised
to see him doing this:

(I’ll just give you a hint. If you do the math, it
comes out to PENNIES on the dollar!)

I highly recommend grabbing this today.

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – As you’ll see on the page, he is…

-NOT selling any magic push-button solutions.
-NOT making any crazy income claims.
-NOT spewing a bunch of hype.

He explains it all here, including the $2744


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Partner With An Expert

The royalty method is almost as old
as commerce itself.

It has survived because people love

You can carry on doing exactly what
you usually do, but still earn money
whilst somebody else does the work.

No need for knowledge, action or staff.

…somebody else does the work for

What makes real sense though, is
when someone else does the work
for you who really knows what
they are doing.

My friend and partner Ben Shaffer has
put something out today which I think
is going to rock up our whole industry.

He isn’t just putting his money where
his mouth his, but his arms, legs and
shoulders also!

This really is a great opportunity to
get involved in something from the
bottom up with one of the most
talented and trustworthy people on
the internet.

Take a look at this and you will see
what I mean:

Best Wishes,

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS. As you will see when you go there,
there is a real reason why places are
limited. While it is fresh in your
mind, I strongly suggest that you check
it out at:

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