Jeans For $3.50?

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Last weekend, my daughter came over to my mom’s for dinner and she was
excited. She had found that Wal-Mart was having a 50% off sale on all clearance
items! That meant that everything with a red clearance tag was half the price on
the tag.

After dinner, as everyone was getting ready to go home, my daughter said she
was heading back to Wal-Mart to see if any more baby clothes were on sale. On
impulse, I asked my mom if she wanted to come with us to Wal-Mart to check out
the sale. She seemed happy that I thought to ask her.

By the time we left there, we had spent over $70 for our stuff, my mom had
spent over $100 on stuff for herself and my soon to arrive granddaughter (due
this week). But we ended up with clothing that would have cost 5 times more than
what we paid for it.

I tell you this, not to brag that I am a great shopper or that I am better
than anyone else or even to bore you to death… I say this to remind you that you
can be successful at any level, just by taking the time to enjoy the little
things in life (like a clearance sale) with the people you love.

This summer, you can set up some businesses that will give you the
opportunity to do just that, with Kevin Riley’s Summer Biz-Builder Challenge!

It starts on July 15th, but you don’t want to wait until then to
get started. Kevin has added some pre-challenge homework in the members
area, so you can get more accomplished on the first day!

Kevin has taught people how to create sustainable businesses for years. I
have seen him at NAMS and other events, and he really knows what he is talking
about. You can listen in on the interview I had with Kevin on the Blogging With
Micheal Show Page:

Have an amazing day!

Micheal – 

PS – Kevin has some great training in store for you…




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