Unlimited Generation Of Extreme Dinero


The first post of UGED. You are one lucky person to be here at the beginning.

I remember when I first started blogging. (This is where the screen shimmers and you are instantly transported back to a crowded, messy bedroom in a mobile home somewhere in the middle of Florida… where a younger version of me is typing away at a keyboard at desk number one…)

People didn’t understand how many readers you can get from writing about your life. I had an idea, but I didn’t really KNOW yet.

I would talk about how I couldn’t wait to walk out of the place of employment I was at the time frequenting 5 nights a week… I would post the occasional affiliate link to products I was selling… I would make commissions.

Today, it is not as easy as the snake oil salesmen would have you believe. “Just set up a blog! Set up your affiliate links and then set up the automated content… and you can go to the beach!”

But if you set it up right, you can do it… but we aren’t here to talk about that… we are still reminiscing!

The floor to the mobile home had very soft spots where a whole leg could fall in if you didn’t watch out. The hot water heater was dangling outside the little closet that was designed to hold it in, but a leak had messed up the floor beneath it, and it could no longer stand upright on the soft floor…

But I had a dream of creating an income that would take me away from all that.

Within the confines of this blog, we will be discussing that battle!

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